A Glance at Most Popular Coffee Maker Brands

There are several drip coffee maker brands on the market today and sifting through them can be a daunting task without any prior knowledge of these products. However, a few brands of coffee makers have stood apart from the others and have developed a reputation of reliability and popularity among users due to their outstanding performance.

1 Cup Coffee Maker

One of the brands that have been in the market for a long time and has proved to be a darling of most consumers is the Black & Decker DC18S Brew 'n Go personal coffee maker with travel mug. This particular maker has become a major choice among consumers especially those who travel a lot because it includes a maker plus cup combined in one unit. Consumers remark that the combined unit means easy portability and convenience when traveling since you do not have to look for a cup nor does it occupy too much space in your luggage.

1 Cup Coffee Maker

As the spaces in our offices have become smaller, this often leads to the elimination of most of the items that were traditionally kept in our large offices of the former years. The office kitchen is one of the major features that have become increasingly vulnerable as space becomes an issue. Perhaps it is out of this realization that most executives have opted to use tiny equipment that can guarantee performance with very little inconvenience. This drip coffee maker's popularity and fame is mainly among the office executives who like to carry out their small duties on their own. It is very easy to store since it occupies the least amount of space that any coffee maker can occupy.

The other very commonly used coffee machine is the Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup programmable drip coffee maker. The main outstanding feature in this particular machine is its programmable timer, which makes it easy to use even in situations where you may be very busy and unable to keep constant surveillance of the machine. It is particularly handy for people who love to have only a few cups of coffee as may be the case with newly weds who may not need large volumes of the drink.

Other reasons that make this machine a favorite choice for many is its relative cost and the size. Users agree that its very portable size and its relatively fair price make it almost an automatic choice for first time coffee maker buyers. Fitted with automatic cut-off timers, which can be programmed to keep your coffee warm for up to two hours. It is also able to take care of the safety aspects of the user since it does not consume too much power and will automatically switch of after use, thereby preventing any possibility of power related accidents within the home.

As there may be other popular drip coffee makers in other categories, these two coffee makers are quite unique for office or small home environments. Their cleaning and maintenance also happen to be another plus. The Black & Decker DCM18S is very easy to clean and has a travel cup made of steel but lined with plastic from the top tips to the handle to make it easy to hold even when it has just been switched of. It will guarantee the user steaming hot coffee at the highest temperatures possible and the cup size offers a large cup of coffee

A Glance at Most Popular Coffee Maker Brands
1 Cup Coffee Maker

Black Friday Cafe Uno One Cup Coffee Maker 2011 Deals

Nov 15, 2011 22:20:22

Black Friday Cafe Uno One Cup Coffee Maker Deals
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Cafe Uno One Cup Coffee Maker

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Black Friday Cafe Uno One Cup Coffee Maker Feature

  • Brew one cup of coffee at a time
  • Prevents waste
  • Brew the coffee in the mug
  • Great for use with your favorite coffees

Black Friday Cafe Uno One Cup Coffee Maker Overview

Café Uno lets you brew one cup of coffee at a time in your own cup or the mug which comes with it. Now there is no need to brew a whole cup of coffee, when one cup will do. The Café Uno works like a standard coffee maker, but only brews one delicious cup at a time. Use your Favorite coffees without the waste. Features: Measuring Scoop Reusable Filter Extra Base For Larger Mugs White Ceramic Mug Lighted On/Off Switch UL Listed Cord

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Cafe Uno One Cup Coffee Maker

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