Coffee Containers

There are commercial and non-commercial uses for coffee containers. These containers are known as airpots, decanters, insulated carriers, air gap shuttles, and as a vacuum insulated container.

1 Cup Coffee Maker

Airpots come in two sizes, 74 ounce and 101 ounce. They may be double walled, which keeps coffee hot or cold for 24 hours or they may have a thermal glass liner that holds cold or hot liquids longer. Hot coffee in these airpots maintain there flavor and temperature for two hours or more. There lid with a black or orange push plate on top allows for easy recognition of the contents inside and is removable to make cleaning easy. The larger ounce airpot comes in a stainless steel finish with black trim. The 74 ounce is great anywhere you want to serve hot coffee to people who are waiting for your attention and there coffee at church social halls or guests at a gathering. The 101 ounce airpots are great for commercial purposes such as serving coffee to customers in a restaurant or banquet. The 74 ounce double walled airpot is great for convention and banquet tables. These pots swivel 360° and one push fills the cup to the top.

1 Cup Coffee Maker

Decanters are sometimes better known as glass coffee pots or carafes. They can hold from four up to twelve cups and may come with color coded tops of black and orange. Small home sized decanters usually come in white or black to match the owners décor.

No matter the size, these decanters are great for the home brewer or for any commercial brewer that accepts them. These decanters can be found in restaurants, offices, lunch rooms and homes, apartments, or even motor homes.

Insulated carriers and shuttles are meant to do just that. They are meant to be used to carry coffee to a satellite station. These carriers are insulated, 1.5 gallon is size and have
a unique locking lid and carrier holder that keeps the carrier firmly on the brewer made to go them. An air gap shuttle is meant for the same purpose. They are also 1.5 gallon in size. Both were designed to bring the coffee to waitress stations or self-serve stations so customers can serve themselves. When coffee is low, replace with a new full carrier or shuttle from a main station. You can also brew a new batch into a new clean carrier or shuttle right there on the spot. The satellite brewers have large water tanks to brew another batch.

A vacuum insulated container is double walled stainless steel decanter. They come is two sizes, a 1.9 (64.3 ounces) liter and a 2.5 liter (84.6 ounces). The hold the flavor and temperature of coffee much longer than the standard glass decanter. These go very well with a coffee brewer series or brew stations that have one or more warmers in an office lunch room, cafeteria or deli.

Whatever your need is for serving coffee, any one of these can be a great asset to the server or the coffee drinkers. From the household decanter to the large carrier and shuttles, they all fill the need to get you or your customers' cup of coffee the best way possible.

Coffee Containers
1 Cup Coffee Maker

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