I Have a Perfect Pod Coffee Maker!

If you are interested to know which brand is a perfect pod coffee maker, then you might first want to think about the definition of "perfect". In short, what is a perfect single serve coffee maker?

1 Cup Coffee Maker

There are probably tons of definitions out there, but mine goes like this: As long as the pod coffee maker can brew many types of coffee blends, it would be perfect, don't you think so?

1 Cup Coffee Maker

The single most daunting thing about single serve coffee maker is the closed system and their lack of coffee varieties. Pod coffee maker are already easy to use and are also very easy to clean, add in the element of variety, no coffee makers can match them in capability!

Just imagine owning a senseo, this machine is easy to use and maintain, which are great. Now, imagine having the ability to use any types of coffee that you fancy that is a very good thought right?

Unfortunately, till now, senseo is still a closed system like many other single serve coffee makers. Which means you would have to use douwe egberts if you are brewing coffee with a senseo.

There is however a machine that can mitigate this situation. It is known as the perfect pod maker. Its sole purpose is to make coffee pods that are applicable for coffee makers like senseo.

Rather than highlighting which brands would be able to use this great piece of machine, I would share which brands would not be able to use coffee pods from this perfect pod maker.

They are Nespresso, Keurig and Tassimo. This is mainly because these 3 companies are using their own special pods and not the standard coffee pods. So, other than these 3 brands of pod coffee maker, the rest of the brands theoretically have the ability to brew any coffee blends using the perfect pod maker.

And this pod maker similar to the single serves coffee maker concept, easy usage. All one need to do is to choose a coffee blend they like, and then filled it into the paper filter that is provided by the perfect pod maker.

The amount of coffee is really up to individual, but I would recommend a 8-10 grams for a strong and intense coffee. After filling the filter paper, simply press down this pod maker and wait for approximately 8 seconds and you would get a coffee pods that you can use.

There are not much things that you need to take note while using this perfect pod maker, although, it would be important to check that your coffee pods are properly sealed as any breakage (especially inside your coffee maker) could be disastrous.

For optimum taste, many users of the perfect pod maker feedback that it is better to wet the pods prior to inserting it into the single serve coffee maker, the feedback is that wetting the pods allows the hot water to seep better thus providing a better tasting coffee.

So, while this is not a pod coffee maker per se, this is a machine that can really better your coffee experience with a single serve coffee maker, right?

I Have a Perfect Pod Coffee Maker!
1 Cup Coffee Maker

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