K-Cup Holder - How to Organize Your Coffee Storage Area

K-Cups Holders come in many sizes ranging from 18 to 35 cup, all the way to 80 K- Cups and beyond. Whatever your K-Cup Storage needs, there's a one that will help you find that little bit of extra organization you're looking for.

1 Cup Coffee Maker

Most K-Cup Holders are fundamentally the same. The common styles are tower, rack, basket, and carousel. A carousel holder has two or more levels and suspends K-Cups in a circle. It is also sometimes referred to as a K-Cup Tree.They allow for up to 35 plus cups to be held at a time depending on which model you choose. Tower Holders have a rectangular shape and stand vertically. Racks are mainly found in businesses and have a K-Cup capacity ranging from 48 to 244 K-Cups and beyond. Baskets are usually two level holders. They're pretty much self explanatory otherwise. Regardless of which type you prefer, it will help you keep your coffee area more organized.

1 Cup Coffee Maker

K-Cup holders can be more than just K-Cup Stroage though, they can be stylish too. Their finishes range from bamboo, to paint, to powder coating, all the way to completely chrome and more. If space is not an issue, take it as an opportunity to reflect your style, but don't forget about capacity. A large family or business may need to forgo style a bit to meet demand.

Before you decide which K-Cup holder will work best for your needs, here are some things to consider.

How many K-Cups are used a day at home or work? If you're at home, multiply this number times 7. If you're at work, multiply this number by the amount of days in your work week? How many different flavors do you keep in stock? This is a factor to consider when you're trying to decide what size holder to purchase. How much available counter space do you have? After figuring out how many K-Cups you use in a week, you may be a little shocked! If you're a little cramped on counter space, a tower or mini carousel may be the best choice for you. If you're not cramped for space, it's going to be more of a style decision for you. Whose task will it be to keep the K-Cups stocked? If it's mainly you, how much time do you have to devote to filling your holder each week? Obviously the smaller it is, the more attention it will need. How much money do you want to spend? A K-Cup Holder can range in price from twenty dollars to around fifty for basic home use Keurig K-Cup Holders. Business size, large capacity holders range from fifty to several hundred dollars.

Listed below are some of the most commonly purchased home holders on the web. As you begin your own research, we recommend looking up these models first.

Breville Silver & Black 30 K-Cup Carousel Get Organized Brand 27 K-Cup Coffee Pod Carousel Keurig 27 K-Cup Chrome Holder Keurig 30 K-Cup Carousel Holder Keurig 35 K-Cup Holder Keurig Black K-Cup Basket Lipper Brand Revolving Chrome K-Cup Basket Nifty Brand 35 K-Cup Holder Nifty Brand Mini 18 K-Cup Holder RCS Plastics Brand Large Capacity 80 K-cup Tower Holder Two Bad Cats Brand Office Ready 114 K-Cup Large Capacity Holder

K-Cup Holder - How to Organize Your Coffee Storage Area
1 Cup Coffee Maker

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