Mr Coffee Coffee Makers

The Beginnings

1 Cup Coffee Maker

With a 0 loan from his dad, Vincent G. Marotta partnered with Samuel Glazer in 1968, and founded North American Systems, Inc. (NAS), a simple coffee delivery service. It was just two years later in December, 1970, while Marotta was recovering from a brain tumor operation, that he came up with idea for the first automatic drip coffeemaker and the product that put the brand on the path to becoming a common, household name. With some work and production processes in motion, the company was producing the coffeemaker by 1972, and by just 1974, there were already one million sold. The brand name was already taking up 10% of the entire coffee-making business in America. NAS established a factory in 1975, and upped their employment from 300 to 1,000 over the course of the year 1974-1975 and to 2,300 by 1977. As constant innovators, they invented filters in 1975, and in 1977, when the economy was struggling, they invented brewers that made the same amount of liquid but with fewer grounds. Their latest additions include: Mr. Coffee brand coffee in 2007; single-cup coffee machines, 2009; and Cafe Frappe, the first-ever home appliance model that brews and blends all in one machine.

1 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Coffee Makers

The Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker was the first ever drip machine to be created, and the key idea that created it was simple: water. Instead of boiling water (212° F) through the grounds as the traditional percolator coffee makers did, this drip machine percolated water through at just 200°. In the beginning, it didn't necessarily taste as good as percolated coffee, but this was the fault of coffee that was ground for percolators. It did, however, eliminate the burnt taste common with percolated options, and as the bean grinds became appropriate for drip machines, the coffee continued to get better.

Choosing Your Own

The brand now offers nearly 50 types of coffee machines, including everything from basic, standard home choices in sizes from 4 cup up to 12 cup, to the especially popular single serve as well as an especially high-tech industrial programmable 12 cup machine. Their thermal brew machines are known to brew faster and hotter than typical home coffeemakers, providing richer and fuller flavor extraction. Mr. Coffee is synonymous with quality and lasting coffee makers that easily meet the needs of traditional home coffee making needs.

Mr. Coffee Espresso Makers

Mr. Coffee has branched out into the espresso market and offers espresso machines for the home. They are easy to use and are combined with capabilities to make cappuccino and steamed espresso quickly and professionally. The Steam Espresso/Cappuccino Maker makes just 1-4 cups, which is ideal for one person and cuts down on waste. It's also small and compact and takes up very little counter space. If you need higher capacity or more options, they offer a very elegant Pump Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte Maker that steams milk quickly and produces a deep, rich espresso with crema. And, for those who want both regular coffee and espresso, there is an excellent two-in one option. Not only does it feature an automatic drip coffee maker that makes up to 8 cups, it can also make 1-4 cups of espresso and steam and froth milk in addition.

Mr Coffee Coffee Makers
1 Cup Coffee Maker

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