How to Use a Percolator

I recently rediscovered how much fun it is making percolator coffee this summer, while on a camping trip. Ever since we returned, the coffee percolator has found a permanent home in the kitchen. It's wonderful to see the coffee perking on the stove, and the whole house permeates with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

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If you have not used a percolator to make coffee, you are in for a real treat. The coffee it produces is flavorful, and really hot.

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You will find that there are several different types of coffee making percolators, the most common being the stovetop percolators. Electric percolators are making a real come back as more people are discovering (just like we did!) how good coffee made this way can be.

Whether you are using a stovetop or electric type of coffee maker, the process is still the same, and it's simple to learn how to use a percolator. other than with one you use the stove to heat your water and the other you simply plug into the electric.

Filtered water is the best, because the final outcome of your coffee depends on the water you begin with.

How a percolator works

Percolators are very simple and easy to use types of coffee makers. Boiling water creates a steam pressure that forces the water through the coffee grounds numerous times in order to extract the most flavor from your ground coffee.

Coffee percolators have 3 main sections:

The coffee pot itself, and the lid The stem that draws the water up into the grounds The filter basket and the top lid to the basket

How to make coffee using a percolator

1.) Measure out 1 tablespoons of coarse ground coffee (freshly ground is best) for every cup you plan to brew into the filter basket. The coffee maker will produce better coffee if you perk at least half a pot full, a full pot ensures the best flavor from your efforts. 8 cups will require 8 tablespoons. If you prefer really strong coffee, you may wish to up that by half a tablespoon per cup.

2.) Attach the lid to the filter basket, and then put the stem up through the hole in the middle of the filter basket.

3.) Pour the water into the coffee pot and then place the stem and filter basket right into the coffee pot.

4.) Place the lid on the pot, and either plug it in, or place it on your stove over medium heat, if it is one of the stovetop percolators.

5.) It will take a few minutes, maybe as long as five depending on your coffee maker, but soon you should hear the water boiling in the pot, and then see the coffee perking up in the clear top of the lid.

6.) Once you see the coffee perking in the lid top, set your timer for 3 - 5 minutes, depending upon how strong you prefer your coffee. 3 minutes is usually long enough for a nicely flavored brew, and 5 minutes will add a stronger flavor to your cup of coffee.

7.) After the set amount of time, remove the coffee pot from the heat, and let it sit for a few minutes to settle down.

8.) Using a potholder, carefully remove the lid and take out the filter basket and stem. Replace the lid to keep your coffee hot and it is now ready to serve.

There are few things as cheery as the perking of coffee. This brings to mind visions of our grandmothers sipping coffee as their conversations flowed around the family table.

How to Use a Percolator
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